$BONES are Bullies Genesis’ core-utility token on Polygon. Every Bully passively generates 4 $BONES per day (1 every 6 hours) by being delisted from secondary marketplaces.

$BONES can be used within Bones Mart (our marketplace) to buy NFTs, IRL redeemable items, whitelists, event access, and more. We are kicking off the launch of Bones Mart by giving away Bored Ape Yacht Club #332 within the marketplace.

Having a welcoming, enjoyable community is one of our primary focuses within the Bullies Genesis project. Holders will be rewarded via games and engaging events that will incentivize members to remain active within the community.

Our community will greatly influence the direction of Bullies as we roll out our future utilities and brand expansion.

A large portion of our mint will be deposited into the Bullies Bank (our treasury). These funds will be used to power our marketplace, airdrop holders, donate to charities, cover business overhead costs, expand our team and scale utilities.
Bullies will do our part to better the world by donating 1% of all secondary sales and a portion of our mint to various charities/foundations.
We will be partnering with top projects and tools to offer holders a scalable NFT/Web3 toolkit. We are constantly building, adding valuable utilities for our community to utilize.