Chris Maffei
Bullies Genesis CEO/Founder

Chris Maffei is the CEO and Founder of NFT collections Early Birds Genesis, an Alpha and NFT/Retail arbitrage community, and Early Birds Collective, an NFT incubator working to bridge Web2 founders and artists to Web3.

Before entering the Web3 as a Crypto and NFT analyst, Chris spent over 10 years in retail arbitrage.

He currently resides in New Jersey with his fiancé, and is inspired by the loving memory of his late pooch, Jake.

Blake Walker
Bullies Genesis CMO/Founder

Blake Walker is a serial entrepreneur, who has owned and operated multiple businesses in the entertainment, retail, and online spaces. After his introduction to Web3, he has quickly transitioned from collector to community manager, and now first time founder.

He lives in Tennessee with his wife Savannah (Bullies Head Moderator), and the inspiration for the collection, his three real life Bullies: Kimbo, Pongo, and Tyson. (And the loving memory of their past Bullies, Chevelle and Hemi)

Mikey Guggenheim
Bullies Genesis Art Director & Technical Artist

Mikey Guggenheim is an animator, filmmaker, and NFT artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Bullies Genesis follows his first two NFT Collections as an artist, Early Birds Genesis and Early Birds Collective.

His past clients include Warner Music, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon, ABC, and Disney, among others.

He is a dog uncle to several inspirational pups, including his parents’ cockapoo and chocolate lab, Ruby & Ella, and his best friend’s chihuahua-mutt, Paloma.

Dylan Vandenberg
Bullies Genesis Artist
Dylan Vandenberg is a writer, director, animator, and NFT Artist.

He has worked on numerous TV, film, and music video projects with Adult Swim, A24, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Eric Andre, Flying Lotus, FX, HBO, Netflix, Nickelodeon, and Steve Aoki.  He has also worked with a litany of commercial clients including Adidas, Beats by Dre, Corvette, Facebook, Old Spice, McDonalds, Nike, and Riot Games.

He is currently in development with 20th Century Studios for a half-hour animated comedy, titled In The Red and adapting the graphic novel Shmobots for television with Boom! Studios.

He resides in Los Angeles with his Pitbull, Remi, who has been both an inspiration and trusted company during the course of this project.